Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just A Human

Hi ppl...i know i disappeared for a long time. Though im wondering how many of you missed me... :P (thinking...thinking... :D) anyway...dis is my post after a very long tym.... and i hope its worth a try...after a long time!

I dont want this to go bad,
I dont want this to be this way,
Swallowing your memories everyday...

I dont want it to crawl,
Like a baby after a fall,
I dont want it to bleed an ocean at all.....

Then why,
Why dont i feel you anymore,
But still i dont wanna let this go..

Why do I wait for your call,
When i dont wanna say a word at all..

Lifes been busy, so am I,
So are you, and so is Time,
People came and went,
Some became foes..some became friends,
Still you stood strong, firm and unswyaed,
In my heart, that felt betrayed,
Yet for 8 painful months, it unfailingly craved........

I miss going mad about you,
I dont know if you do,
I miss that hiding under the pillow,
During nights when lights went off, but hidden smiles still glow,
I miss the long phone calls, I miss the messages leaving me blue,
I still miss that love, that I showered on my "baby" you...

But you turned it this way,
No words were left to say,

I fell on my knees and bruised my heart,
Cried and shouted, on seeing you depart...

But you didnt look back,
And just went away,
Girl, i wish you knew,
How i spent every single day....

Booming voices haunted my nights,
Empty desires filled the day,
Silence dawned with every rising sun,
An atheist fell on knees to pray...!

And now you reappear, afer 8 agonizing months,
In the moon while i was staring at it,
And say that "You love me",
And say that you want me..

I am left bedazzled,
I am benumbed,
And then i am elated!
To see you return..!

I wanna hug, i wanna kiss,
I wanna ask, what was this!!?

But here the hell falls apart,
I feel accustomed, to the vacant heart,
Betrayal engulfs the soul of me,
I feel nothing, but an uprooted tree...

You say "Forget the past",
"Lets make a new start",
I wish I had a potion to drink,
Which would sprout love in my heart...

I see the mirror
And just a pair of eyes stare back,
No body no soul, No feelings to hold...

You left me stranded, and questions grew,
And now you are back, and want nothing to brew?
How do you think thats possible girl,
I loved you a lot, But i lived lonely too.....

I wish we talked it out,
I wish it to be back,
I wish you tell me HOW TO BELIEVE YOU.....

My soul wants answers,
To the barbarism it went through,
I wish to love you back again,
But with a love that is true..

I wish you knew what it feels like,
To want and not want the one you loved,
I wish you knew what it feels like,
To spend a wait, thats hell above...

I just dont want it to go bad,
I dont want it to be this way,
I just wish you understand,

Girl I am Just A Human..
A simple Human every day.....

Girl i am Just a Human...
A simple human everyday..........................................

PS: apreciations, and criticism both awaited eagerly... :P