Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Real Journey

As the sun glows golden through the glass,
I think about life,
Where am I and how much have I travelled,
Through the broken roads of promises, faith and love,
Here am I and how much have I unravelled,
The damning puzzle of life and the God above.
Stranded on the cross road of dilemma, yet again,
I wonder,
Is the road correct or is the destination wrong,
Have I made my mark yet? Am I even strong?
And that is when I see someone dying,
Brothers mourning, sisters crying,
The world is not yet a better place, I think
Its a farce of actors of different face, I think.
And then I see the body getting burnt,
Hopes and Love becoming ash and dirt,
Who remembers what brand you wore,
There is a meaning to this life, a damn meaning thats a lot more.
It is nothing to do with the money you rake,
It is nothing to do with the image you fake,
It is all about the RESPECT you earned,
By the time, my friend, it is YOUR time to burn.  

PS: Dedicated to my grandmom whose demise last week left another void in my life. Your death also taught us lessons, just imagine how much we learnt from you when you were alive. May God kiss you a warm welcome to Heaven. RIP.