Thursday, January 8, 2009

Its Not Our Fault..(Part I)

I recently saw Ghajini. To be true, according to me, except aamir, the rest of the acting looked like being really untrained. I mean, the policewaala runs, then Aamir runs behind him and then Jiah follows! What idiocy? But yes, even though it was a remake of Memento, the story somehow managed to leave a little bit of impression on me. Anyhow, I am certainly not here to portray my critical abilities. Then what made me describe this? Yesterday’s headlines.

To start with I would like to share my immediate reaction to the text i read. Owing to the inherent monotonousness of the event, it did not provoke anything in me, except, putting it down in words. I am confident about my assumption, which is that this very same feeling would have been there in many psyches who would have read those unfortunately familiar words. Its not at all rare! Its really common. Probably so common, that even if a grotesque and monstrous image of it appears on any of the news channels, we dont halt anymore. Our souls are not hoicked. Our mind is so preoccupied by the worries of the latest brands that we have to buy today, or by the meeting with some international big shots who have managed their nation so well that they rarely come across events like this, or by a social party we have to attend in the evening...we are so accompanied by these “essentialities” that the echoing holler of the half naked and severely bruised girl lying on that pavement or the dirty gutter, not dirtier than the Indian pervert psyche, goes shamelessly unnoticed.

I glanced at that text , “A 24yr old MBA student raped in Noida”, and immediately that dialogue by this new actress Asin, in Ghajini reverberated in me- “Kin kin logon se bhaagengi ladkiya..” As I had mentioned earlier, it really did not jerk me. A thought, or half, would have struck me and the next moment I was reminded of an important call that I had to make. And this very news faded away in the already populated (read: polluted) conscious of mine. But something did make me think about this for long and arrive at a very obvious conclusion which needed to be highlited. The next day, i.e. today, that news had been allotted a small corner of page three in the main newspaper, but the shocking part is, it contained something really horrendous. An aged man, probably a mukhiya of the village where the incident took place, was highlighted making this statement, “So what? The girl was JUST raped. Its not a big deal.” This was something really dismaying. That too, coming from an elderly!! This statement baffled me to a very unexpected extents. I was shocked. In fact, for that matter, I still am. My mind could not arrive at anything but one statement, “Its not OUR mistake”.

Yes its not. Its not our mistake that we do not pay any attention. Or we do not act much except for expressing our grief and commenting on events like this and then forgetting about it. Its the mistake of the Indian Law enforcement agencies, and the government, or in the words of a layman, the RULES which are there in India. I quote another example from the Indian cinema highlighting my point. The movie Gangaajal. I know..whats the first thought that would come to anyone reading this. No! We can’t be barbaric! I know...even I used to say such things. And I know myself that I am not a person who has a violent bone in my body, or supports any kind of barbarism. But I have a few questions to everyone reading this:

How much PATIENCE are we supposed to keep and how much BELIEF are we supposed to have in the authorities’ perennial hollow promises?

How many times do we have to stray ourselves away from this bitter and ghastly truth that The Indian Law and Order is a perfect embodiment of WASTE OF RESOURCES AND BRAINS?

Are we supposed to nurture these rapes, and murders, and child abuse etc by just looking “away” from them accepting the fact that we can do NOTHING?


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Anonymous said...

its been a long long time that i read such a powerful writeup! you caught the problem by the neck.
the women reading this are gonna be so proud of you! and the losers with intentions anywhere close to or even related what you have described in the post would go die! (only if they have conscience or if they are intoxicated by their dirty soul or are out of the senses which recognize humanity if nothing else)
p.s. i am a follower of your blog now.

**ThE SiLeNt SouL** said...

@the pink orchid:

oooo...!! i have a follower!!! i am shying under d blanket!! ;P

Thanx fr dat btw! and yea..i too hope a lot. But the only thing, important among that is,


wud luk frward to hear frm u soon again....

Anonymous said...

awwwee..shying under the blanket was cute. i am a fellow blogger.. to stop by my blog sometime..

**ThE SiLeNt SouL** said...

ha ha...!! yea sure...i will......

I, Me and Myself said...

going on statistical data every 15 minute 5 girls get raped in our country...out of these 5 girls it has been noticed that the police case is filed for only 2 of them dat too because either they belong to our elite class or are media hyped cases...i wonder vat happens to the left 3 girls...they are shunned for their entire lives...all they have left is a scarred soul...they dont have any media coverage...some of them are even shunned by their own families...and all they can wonder is wtf was there fault...were they being executed for being girls or the fact that they are living in a country like INDIA were the judiciary has gone to dogs...the govt might even hang the culprit but would it really ease the pain of that girl...would she be able to revive her soul...would she able to look herself in mirror ever agn....most of the times the answer is no...not death sentence or any kind of relief given to the girl in the form of finance can ever make up for vat she its said prevention is always bettr than cure....we need to prevent such a thing from happening rather than acting afterwards....yes its not our civilians there is very little v can do abt it...but someone just has to wake up our so called democratic govt to these ground realities....specially ven our president talks about SHINING INDIA i always consider it as a joke....

Prachi said...

It's not only the judiciary...
What made to so immune to it all in the first place?
How can it not affect you?
And the first thing that comes to minds of people is to get rid of any guilt they might be having..
Though I am glad you thought of it this way!
It's there in every mind!
It IS our an extent..