Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer '09 - A lavish explanation!

Delhi's temperature is escalating by the day. So I got another AC installed at my place, in the hallway this time. (This step was specially taken for my mum who faces the kitchen heat everyday!) Now I am sitting here. Earlier I used to sit in my own room which, obviously, doesn't have an AC (I am not a descendant of a super filthy rich ancestry, quite the opposite I guess..). But somehow, I feel this AC had a different effect. Because I feel like "writing". After exactly 40 days since I last wrote something.

Anyway, first I would like to describe my absence. My exams started and I had to disappear, and then vacations of more than 2 months were round the corner. I returned home, and was gifted with the news that out of those two months of my holidays, I had to spend 1 interning. So bags packed, and by the end of the first week I was out. A complete travel freak, with sheer clarity I absolutely carved out the frolic journey that I was about to experience. Though I did not even guess, or care to guess, that the frolic would get blotted with patches of quest: about my own self.

Ok, so on the 3rd June late afternoon, the humid greasy late afternoon welcomed me at Ahmedabad airport. It had been over 5 years since I last visited Gujarat. So I realised that this was the 6th time now. My destination was around 2 hours from Ahmedabad. I left the airport by mid late evening, and crossed Baroda and Surat on the way. Though just touching the outskirts of Surat. Reaching the destination, I was told that I had to shifted to the site immediately, which was again 140kms away. The weather mellowed down, with a greyness and cool around. And the person driving the car, I guess, figured out that I loathed lousy speeds. So he pressed the accelerator.....enough to make the air hit my face hard enough. And make me smile as approaching milestones swished past me..........

I reached the site in one hour. Got my accomodation. Settled down, and was told to start work from the next day. I loved the place. The weather. The people. There was hardly any thing that I did not like. Umm...actually there was. My laptop charger got screwed up by the first weekend. And my phone after 3 days of the above disaster. I became restive. Damn frustrated. Though I somehow managed to cure my phone problem, I missed my laptop for the whole period of one full month. Another reason why I could not write. (Reason : Excuse :P).

Anyhow, I started working. 8am to 8pm. Nothing else except work. I used to come online for some wee hours of the night, but blogging was something that I just could not manage. I used to feel like a thoroughly beaten ass by the end of the day due to the work and writing in such an awesome situation was something that I could not afford. I was still human guys. :). Days passed with me working like a full time rented ass, who wasnt provided the liberalness of anything except having his food. That too, if generosity prevailed beyond humane limits.

Two weeks passed and an incredible twist was in store for my modus operandi since I started. I had to meet a really close friend. We met and had fun for four eventful days. For me that acted as a lumpful breather. I relaxed and the beauty of that time is impeccable. A substantial break from work was essential. And such a beautiful break....nothing better that i could have asked for.

"Nothing remains." I knew it. And in less than an eye twitch, I found myself again playing ping pong with tons and tons of iron. And also trying to reason out my decision of coming for my interns. But as I read somewhere very recently, "To have a gain of something, you've got to loose everything first." So work followed. And I followed it.

For the next 15days, I met people, talked on phone, (too much...damn too much..), completed a project ALONE (Supposedly, to be done by 4 people), and waited. WAITED FOR THE LAST DAY. AND MY FIRST EVER TRIP TO MUMBAI!

3rd July 2009, my last day of interns, I could see my bag packed. And I smiled. By the end of June, the rains had set in properly, and it was coldly misty and windy all throughout my way to the railway station. And again, the car was speeding. And again, I was loving it. I got in the train, it shunted, with me sitting by the wet, dripping wet window, and it left the station. It was one beautiful journey. I met people, which I had never done before. I had been to the North, the South and the Central belt of India. But in the West region, no where apart from Rajasthan and Gujarat. As mentioned earlier, being a travel freak I really savored the trip. And rains! They added to the flavour .....

Dadar Jn., 6.45 pm
3rd July 2009.

Yes. I was there! Mumbai welcomed me with...the very famous, Mumbai Rains. The welcome on the station was much better though. I went to a friends place to stay overnight. We discussed college, upcoming results, my journey, women (not those from college! PLEASE!), food, plans for my stay in Mumbai etc. I had to meet two more of my friends who were doing their interns in Mumbai itself and I was excited. Next morning I woke up to this view from the window of the room:

Meeting my other friends at VT, the four of us went to Gateway, (Rainy Gateway!), Taj (Rainy Taj!), and I was exuberant! Seeing such a beauty, which I could not ever find in Delhi, I regretted the short stay I had planned for Mumbai. Marine Drive, Chaupati, Gateway, Taj, Causeway....and what not. Though I know I could not have covered a lot, I was still satisfied. The next day was another beautiful experience. I spent the whole day with special people and attended the workshop that was planned with a very good friend. The nights and the days were memorable. The next day I met a friend for lunch and spent the day with another very good friend. However the night was unimaginable. LITERALLY. I was with two of my very close friends, and we had planned dinner together. And marine drive was added to the plan. So I was at marine drive at 12.30am. Bliss, for me atleast. But my mood wasnt the way I had imagined it to be. I could not even think. Something happened and ...........and the "quest-blot" was there.

Another main reason I did not feel like writing for more than 10days now.

Though with a complex ending, this was one hell of a time I spent. And thus could not blog. Work was tiring, but hell interesting. Imagine, what you just read in books and see in pictures and read in long boring paragraphs, everything happening right in front of you! And then meeting people, friends, some for the first time, some for the nth time! And that too in Rainy Mumbai!

Now I am back in Delhi. Hope that I remain regular. Though it might take time for revival, but the spirit in me is surely poking me in the ribs. And waking me up....

(By the way people, I got royally screwed up right now for keeping the AC on for hours continously............. :P)


mysterious gal said...

First Welcome back sweetheart :D
I m just so glad ur back to blogging
Thanks so much :)

I so agree to the AC theory for writing ...i somehow managed to get another AC installed in my room and its pure bliss (That's a reason i m blogging more now :))

U know how much miss your writes?
U write magically ...truly when i read it felt as if i m experiencing was so magical and beautiful

i m glad u enjoyed it (even though we missed u :P)

i know sometimes somethings happens which numb us....i never ask u such things....but trust me writing helps one to revive....and i hope it does for u...i seriously know u will be back in full form soon

( i m screwed royally many times :P)

YAYS i m the first commentor

Welcome back sweetheart !
Lots of love

Maverick said...

WB bro! misd u @ da lounge.....u sure hav had one hell of a ride! loads of work and trunk full of experiences!

i cannot exactly define the nature of all the time dat has passed but all i can say is dat u lived it...nd so u learned! mebbe u cannot point out things @ dis instant but u did...nd sumday ull realize! :)

take ur time reviving ur writin but b sure to cum back! da lounge misses u! :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

welcome back to blogging!

good to see you back, glad to see u enjoyed ur internship

keep pennning!


Nik said...

Thanks sweety. Thanks for saying that you missed my writes... and ya i will try my best not to disappoint you.... :)

Thanks a lot Bro...i know i lived it ...dunno how but i did!!!! And as far as WL is conc...i dunno when i will return..!!!! Its still a mystery!

Thanks bhai...! Your comment matters you knoew that!!!!

I, Me and Myself said...

ahaa so the silent soul finally decudes to break d silence...huh...

u knw i am pissed...bloody an ac makes u write and d endless works that we put on u to encourage u to write are of no use...gud gud...

nywys but still welcome back n nw i will make sure u dnt leave...shld i repeat it dat i mised ur write ups...yes like everyone else i missed it too svthrt

as for ur trip...i will remember it forever as u do...u knw i blv too much in fate so i wld say...whatever happens...happens for the gud...though i am glad u back...from d trip as well as to the blogging

will hope to c u more around...

c its even less dan half hour and i am writing ur comment...u think i wld have waited till d evening to do this...

luv u svthrt

Nik said...

I knew it. I tol you . And thanks for the sweet response... I too would try to be regular.........

Nik said...

I quote rashi. She could not post it due to some issues...but here it goes....:

"it doesnt sound like something you have written it wasnt your style"

Thanks rashi...but i would really like to know what did you want to tell me!!!