Monday, December 21, 2009


Huh..finally. I am back. Again! :P Yes, I return again to this world of words and emotions. I have no clue what to say and what not to about my absence. The only thing that I can say is that this habit of intermittent appearances that I possess is actually not intentional. Its the outcome of ENGINEERING!

But the ironical shit is that, last time when I was on a writing spree, my "ENGINEERING" end semester exams for the 4th semester were going on. Today, when I decide to return to this, I have just entered my room after giving my end semesters again! I have no idea what kind of a drive do my final exams instill in me that I really feel like writing. Or maybe its the more probable reason that I can think of: Ab kuch ho nahi sakta, jitna padhna tha padh liya, 10 din ke baad ghar jaana hai, so relax!" :P

However, the interesting part is, that whenever I think of relaxing during my exams, I think of blogging. For people who know me know that I have blogged mostly to vent out. Not to display my literary skills, or that I have ample time in my hands that I feel like playing with the keyboard and play "tap-tap". I have no explanation, why do i feel like venting out ONLY during my exams. I just do. And this is what I feel like now.

Anyway, its been time that I wrote something. Not that I am a master of the pen, but still I feel all of you who read me must be missing me a lot :P ..

So guys I am back, (no guarantee till when will I stay.. :P i am serious!!) and I have to write. Stuff has been happening. Good, bad, dirty, fun, etc.. So here I am.. this is me...! (With due respect to Bryan adams. :P)



Anonymous said...

Yes, all I can is that you were missed!

I, Me and Myself said...

Welcome back svthrt...and i hope this time its for good...and like rashi said...u were missed...alot.. :)

and i am in love wid the blog template...

PS the Pratsie said...

n i do hope to read u more now .. plz :)