Monday, February 20, 2012

The Old Leaf

These days mostly I am out of sync. To call myself a lost freak is my favourite time pass. Still, I must mention this. My inability to write anything these days is attributed to the cacophony of my thoughts and desires. I remember my days of writing...

A mindful of heart wrenching thoughts, dutifully accompanied by a pen and a cup of hot coffee. The soul used to utter nothing, yet said it all. And that is how I decided to name myself first as The Silent Soul, if people remember. Light head, heavy thoughts used to guard my day all along. Every faint voice in my head used to transform into a prose, every feeling into a short poem. I remember vividly still, the fire was so strong, I used to pen down thoughts and poems in a matter of ten minutes, after returning from college. The professor used to be busy with his differential calculus, and I, the epitome of lost majnoo, would be engrossed in my "integral calculus". Beautifully incarnated lines, stories and a pleasant demeanor was my forte on my blog. I made one of the sweetest friends here, some of them are surely going to be in my love books for my entire life, (I hope you guys are reading it). Four of the most beautiful people in my life presently, have been gifted to me by this place. The say I write well and should continue with it, (both facts are impossible it seems!) and I really appreciate their modesty, as they themselves are gems and amazing writers who have taught so much to me. I remember sharing comments and learning through them. I miss it. I miss everything. I do not know where is that self of me who used to impregnate me with feelings. Life has taken a nasty turn, and I, the silent soul has been muted towards its thoughts and feelings. It feels like the soul is searching for a body, and yes the soul is, thus, fervently restless. 


Lady Whispers said...

How did I miss it :)
But yes I remember those days when you wrote more :)

You still have it within just need to give words the time :)

I went through a phase where words never loved u just keep loving them and the beautiful writer u are will be regained :)