Friday, March 9, 2012

South Asian Challenge 2012

So here I take up the South Asian Challenge 2012. It appears to be a nice way to test the waters for how much can I devote to reading in my current year. I rarely have no patience and idea what would I do, but I would like to enjoy reading through and through! I aim for 15 books this year. Lets see how much this no. changes the whole year. 


Lady Whispers said...

wow :)
I regained my reading habit this yr but then lost it due to work...I also wish I can challenge myself to it soon :)
Wish you can complete it and read more books than your challenge :)

Nik said...

Haan its good...tu bhi try kar...its a self check.

Owais said...

hey. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I appreciate that. I guess u r from kashmir as well.

Nik said...

Yes man i am from kashmir as well...but not put up in kashmir. I stay in delhi...wat abt u..