Saturday, June 23, 2012


Soon, you would be tired too. You would lose all the vengeance. Soon, you would fall down. Every moment cannot be fought with. The sould needs to breathe. It needs to rejuvenate from constantly being marred by your heart, your mind, your own priorities, your relations and your incessant thoughts. Its highly improbable, that your soul is not tired. A man, is made of life, and life is not of you its of the soul. You are only a form, like a form of a caste. The idol, the mask is made later on. Love, is not felt by you. You, are never in love, your soul is. Its not a vaguely defined phrase, or a randomly conceived expression, i.e., heart and soul. It is the heart and the soul that loves, that hates, that cries or laughs.

Give it rest. Seek your life as calmly as you can. For, the goals never finish, however the zeal to accomplish them might. So before that give it some rest. Let it Rest in Peace. Look at the night sky, take a walk in the park, breathe the refrigerators cold air, smell a freshly unboxed book, lie down on your terrace in the evening. Let yourself be free of the worldly pressures. Your soul needs to relax. In short, let go of yourself, and you would see what life is made of.