Sunday, May 5, 2013

It Is Easy.

I just got over with my 25th birthday. It is really hard to believe that I have crossed the silver jubilee age, when I cant even comprehend the trivial troubles I face daily! Anyhow, now that I have crossed the milestone, let me reflect a bit on my understanding of life. 

I know the oldies might get instantly rhetorical - "Oh C'mon, how much have you lived to write about life? 25 years? Thats no age for philosophy!" I beg to differ very strongly on this. First, this isn't a philosophical endeavor I'm embarking upon. If a bird doesn't constantly keep a check on its flight, its bound to fall. I am keeping a check on mine. Certainly, there is no age for that. 

So, I am 25, I have a great job, I have my family and my friends. Yeah, seems like common man's tale. But it was easier said than done for me. The way I see life today is poles apart from the way I saw it, let's say, 10 years back. I was a teenager who was unaware of potential the word "ambition" carries. I was a free bird, who had all the security and care he could ever imagine. The world was fair, and the people lovely. Every day was spent eating, playing video games, listening to rock music (still), and bullying the younger generation. The pinnacle of satisfaction lay in gorging on chicken tikkas mercilessly and fanning the ass under the air conditioner on a super comfy bed at night. Career, earning money, establishing oneself at the behest of single handed hard work seemed to be alien concepts which were only for Dad and Mom to follow. Who cared about the source of the milkshake every morning? Who cared about bills? Who cared about paying attention to what is the be worn and how things are to be kept? Bloody alien concepts. Until life began laughing real hard at my face.

My first face off with life's brutality came during the time I had to drop a year for further studies. I was so screwed. One full year, all alone with that stupid study table. No friends no interactions. That was the time I realized that dude, it ain't a cakewalk. I burnt my eyes studying hard for Medical, and (by god's grace) finally landed in an engineering college which was much better than what I deserved at that time. Bidding adieu to Delhi for 5 long years of staying away from home, I marched on to Dehradun, the valley that changed my life. Forever.

College life, it is said, is a golden period of ones life. Mine, I must say was beyond that. I learnt to cherish life. In the initial years, things were too unwelcoming. Opinionated people from myriad backgrounds flushed my hopes of a cheerful life down the drain.  At first, it became stress full to put up with different ideologies, different views of life yet maintaining a firm hold on your beliefs and aspirations. Later on, as time went by, those jumbled pieces began to form a collage of their own. Several thoughts merged into one single personality, and I learnt a lot of things:

1. You cannot define a man's nature based on his antics or on his super generous attitude. An angel can be as evil as the demon, and a publicly demonized figure could well be the most charming and frank personality that can ever be imagined. 

2. Foes can become friends and vice versa. 

3. Being judgmental is the stupidest mistake that we can make ever. 

4. Not thinking is the best policy (However I still need to do a great deal of work on that). 

5. Excessive analysis is a waste of time. 

6. Fights can be forgotten the next second.

7. Celebration doesn't need a reason. 

8. Holding grudges against people is immature, as one day, none of them would hold as much importance as they do now, because we think about them. 

9. Life needs to be handled carefully but not seriously.

10. Think aloud. That way, things wouldn't nibble us from inside. Say it because it would hardly matter ten years down the line, but it would not remain unsaid.

11. Being happy is our power. So is being pathetic. Bad feelings can be sidelined by alcohol. 

12. Too much alcohol causes cancer. And so does too much of hatred.

13. Have fun

14. Don't take silly things to heart. The organ is already under a lot of stress pumping litres of blood continuously. Imagine making it feel bad only because a friend said something about you to someone. 

15. Laugh as hard as possible.

This is the only way we can be happy. Life gets messed up every now and then and we cannot avoid that. What is important is getting over the shitty feeling. No one else would get over it other than you. So you only got to do it. And you will only be able to do that when you think positive. Yeah, even I never used to understand this "think positive" mantra, but unless you try, trust me, you won't understand the magic.

It is easy. Try it.

Someone rightly said, "A bad memory is the prerequisite for happiness."


Namrata said...

Happy Birthday...:)

Empty Rucksack said...

Welcome to other side of 25. This is what the first 25 years are about, learning lessons to live well in the next twenty five.

debi o'neille said...

I enjoyed your post. You write well, and I'm glad to be the newest follower to your blog.

Namrata said...

Belated happy birthday.. So nice to see that you have learnt so much from just 25 years.. Hope you keep going like this..:)

Nik said...

Thanks everyone for the wishes. Look at the state of events, its been one year and I haven't been able to write stuff.

The Gardener said...

Belated happy birthday!
Like Namrata, I am happy that you have learnt so much in just 25 years of life. You are very correct in saying that if a bird does not keep a check on its flights, it is bound to fall.

You are just 40 years younger than me. You have learnt the most useful lesson: Laugh as hard as possible.

P.S. You may read my post 'Laughter'.