Friday, April 24, 2009


Often the path of "undisputed" love,
Unbelievably weakens and gets pinned down,
By the blood stained hands of the malevolent destiny,
With scars of petty mistakes bleeding around..

Often we wonder why and how,
Smiles metamorphosed into grieving lours,
Why that site becomes the foulest one,
Where we spent our myriad hours...

Then Often we wish,
To return.
To Walk down the lane,
And reach the Turn..

Where we once stood holding their hand,
But now all that remains is a barren land...

So here, at this restive turn,
We wish, and cast a deadly spell,
Rip apart the sky...flame the Earth,
And careen.. and fall, to wake up in hell..

But we choose this survive it, In hope..
In hope to reunite the two soul gores,

And thus we parley so much more..

Parley in symphony with demons of hell,
With the very famous demon known as "DaYs Of YoRe" (DoY)!

And we fight, we argue, we fight, we lose,
We win, we lose, we fail with moves,
We adopt to IGNORE, but DoY scores!
Hauls the memories out of our grooves!

And like this we struggle, alone till months,
Fighting one on one the likes of DoY,
And with the "Sword of Patience" and "The Faith Gun",
Victorious you rise! But then you fall mum..

The redness of fire dissolves and its silent,
The place is now Heaven blue, with nothing as violent...

And then you hear the steps,
The walk of a very familiar form,
And out of the white haze,
You see THEM!

THEM, for whom you were bruised for months prolonged!

And a sudden light spreads around,
Engulfs the two of you, and jars you down,
And you wake up with THEM lying in your arms,
So tranquil yet bruised, you kiss them around..

this is a story thats seen around,
And Often it happens with people who love,
Its a wish not to soil it again and keep it crowned,
Because Often ...this LOVE is pure as dove...


Anonymous said...

you have pictured it so well!! keep it going Nik.. looking forward to more poetic masterpieces from you.. :D

Nik said...

thanks kajal.....

Il not disappoint you...

mysterious gal said...

wow u have totally mesmerized me with this one...i could actually visualize it so well...and it was so hard yet such masterpieces...keep writing :D

Nik said...

thanx nab... ;P ...

I, Me and Myself said...

with the flow of the poem i actually lost if everything was hapening in front of me.....great discription...undoubtly a masterpiece...honestly my first reaction to this was how the hell did you write something like this....keep writing :P :D :P

Nik said...

ya ya...i know....... and i dont know....but i wrote dis in jus haf n hour...i ususally take a lot of time as i told u..... :(

Anyway, im glad u liked it..thnx.... :P (Kitna formal sound kar raha hun... ;) jaan boojh kar...

Prachi said...

Poems are kinda not my cup of me...
I liked whatever I understood!
Just a did you reach my blog?

Nik said...

i dont know..! just random surfing...! y any issues ???

Prachi said...

Nopes...just curious...
I never land on good blogs while surfing!

Nik said...

ahaan! ohk...u need to surf CORRECTLY to get good results... ;P
isnt it?

Ms.R. said...

Naaiiiceee.. Well, my replies to your poem ;)

Nik said...

yea... OYE r... i read themmm... fab ryt ups yaar!!

I like your poetry girl!!

Hope 2 c u hovering around my blog often....!

Ms.R. said...

Thanks.. Sure will :)

You do the same over my blog :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

touching:) just one word...period...keep penning !

Nik said...

Thanx dude.... !

Yea ill kep penning

Pavitra .... said...

Ah.....Very well written..
Keep it up..! :)

Nik said...

Thanks a lot... :)

Kajal said...

Awesome stuff. Wondering why I didn't find you earlier. This is written so well.. feel as if you were in my mind.

Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

Nik said...

Thank you kajal! Its been long since i wrote ths poem> i m glad dat u liked it! :) would love to see u around at indiblogger n here too!

Yogesh said...

Enjoyed reading this.. keep up the good work :)

Nik said...

Thank you! I couldn't believe someone reading this post...! It was written long back. I have no idea if I possess such streak anymore. :\

But anyway, Kam se kam koi to padhta hai! :P