Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Bubble

It doesnt even budge my inner self now. Is this how life is? Is this how the cycle works? Right from no one, to an acquaintance, a friend, the most important one, your life, your sadness, your disappointment, your disgrace, your anger, your past, and once again-no one. I wonder if anything stays. If anyone stays. And here they go once again, Mr. Coldplay blasts in my ears, "We've been living life inside a bubble...". I just landed on the profile of my "no-one to no-one (NTN)" accidently on a famous social networking site. Her friend sent me a friend request. Its unusual for me to have my thoughts and feelings in coherence with each other. This time they were. And somehow I got a prompt NO. In perfect coherence. And I suddenly found myself feeling the bubble...


Scribbling Girl said...

We all live in bubbles sometime or the other....and then one day it bursts....and we r free!
We are scared of it bursting but the truth is if we let go off that fear we again breathe feeling!
Everyone is stranger to everyone in the starting and that turns into a cycle and they end as strangers in end....but that doesn't changes the beauty of moments we lived...cherish them and if we can do that and move has achieved its meaning....alas its not easy...but life does teaches how to do that with time...u will learn it too and so will i!

Take care sweetheart

Aparna said...

just think at it this way...that aquaintance of yours doesn't deserve to be the most important one

you need to keep your eyes open and find someone who are worth it

Prachi said...

This is more common than you might think! While the first half of the cycle comes from the desire for love,the other stems from the lack of fulfilmnt of above! Look at it this way, through all this you are clearer on what you want,or more importantly,what you don't want!

Nik said...

@prachi Yes that is true. And the point is, even after knowing this in my head i never had the time to pen it down on paper ever! So here i did it..! :)

@nabs Thanks for such a beautiful welcome. Me in delhi by the way :P And yes whatever you said, has been in me. I know, but still ii dont!