Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Other One

As the moon ascends to conquer the night,
His inside wails aloud in might,
Oh he rushes behind the walls,
Tries to suppress, suppress it all..

But Alas he knows,
He knows its changing,
Oh Yes,
He knows its the call.

And, there, Oh it begins,
Like a dreading werewolf, on a self derail,
The mighty claws of doubts enlarge,
Ready to pounce upon his scars,
The torso unfolds to magnanimous proportions,
Ah that is the pain of his untold emotions,
The stark realities of the lonely cries,
Lie in the blood soaked vehement eyes!

And there it rises tall in front of him,
His demon to him,
His Conscience within.


Tweety said...

poetry i love...but this coming from u i seems like a vicious circle often like my thoughts these days...i hope you find peace soon svthrt..for your sake at least :) love you bro...

Nik said...

This was certainly NOT me!

Who would deny that this is not them? Its every man and every woman. At some or the other night, when they reflect back on themselves, everything piles up.

This is the story of every night of a troubled and lonesome youngster. Its of you, me and everyone who is aware of themselves.

Maverick said...

its dark...prolly sombre and negative according to some...

bt its so beautifully expressed....wonderfully done!

can relate to mate!

Scribbling Girl said...

And finally he let the rhymes out
To speak what was incoherently choked
Words started to speak to him
In musical tones of life
Dark it might seem
But dawn it will bring soon
As the rays have finally fallen
To let him rise from his grave.

Yupeeeeee u finally wrote a poem :D
And see i told u .....u r still the best with it....ur poems always made me wonder and thinkas to how can write so beautifully like him and they still do the same and each word speaks something.

I know its dark but it speaks a ton...something which i can so beautifully relate...something which everyone goes through.....I loved the way u penned it.....something which says a lot and has a lot inside it....

Loved it...and keep penning :)

Nik said...

@mav thanks brother. Its life, that i tried to bring in this one.

@nabs..bas bahaaut ho gaya....i cant agree to these statements of yours and you know that.

your "comment poem" sounds great. Thanks.. :)