Sunday, January 16, 2011

Its Time

Oh yes. Definitely. Its that time again.

Bidding goodbye to a loved one isn't easy, whatsoever. When the tough looked soldier glances back for that one last time, in those distant yet captive eyes of his mother, before leaving to step in the arduous battlefield, its a sombre sight. Though not of that magnitude, but it is tough to leave the place which provides you flawless care and compassion. Its called home. And I crave to be here.

Its hard to go. Its not that my destination is too bad. Its one of the dream destinations for quite a few and remains on the top of the charts for creating envy withing those who never got a chance to be there. The only problem is, this place here, Delhi, my home, its just too good to be here. The love isn't a showoff. The care isn't for self interest. When you are at home, the meals aren't bought or won. They are fed with umpteen emotions, all derivatives of profuse and selfless love. And it shows. The sleep is unhindered. When the eyes close, you are sure that you would not get disturbed. It is said that a man who sleeps peacefully at the end of the day, entails the maximum happiness out of life. You don't have to 'think and talk' . You dont have to seek help for implementation of your ideas. The feeling of light shoulders, shedding some responsibilities for some time feels bliss. To lie down and bake in the sun without thinking about the money shortage, projects, seniors, politics. It surely is something to die for.

This something isnt there with many. Many, dont have homes. And this realisation first leads to prayers for them, and thanks for us.

Presently, its time. I have to leave for yet another term away from this heaven on earth. And I dont like it for sure. I, personally feel blessed to be here. My prayers are for every man out there, that he who sheds sweat and blood hard day in and day out, if wants to feel eternal bliss, should come.....Home.

PS: I would try my best to be active here, though i cant promise. Tc ppl.


Tweety said...

Home and heaven...I often wonder if they are really different...

And though I may not know what it is actually to leave home...i know how significant are all these things in our lives...

So all I can say is bro, Go and just Come back soon...Because no matter when you come to it...its warmth would still be the same, ever ready to embrace you...Love you...

Scribbling Girl said...

Journey of home and hostel is like on going...when not hostel then different places...its part of life and home is always in heart :)

Try being active once a while :)
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