Monday, January 2, 2012


A while ago, the clock struck 12. The tik tok of the hand brazing aside the mark could be well heard by me. I lay in my comfy bed, thinking aloud; thinking about the word: Perfect.

There is a strong sense of positiveness lingering around this seven lettered word. A plethora of images wobble around ones mind when you hear Perfect. A perfect man. A perfect body. A perfect weather. A perfect shape. A perfect smile. A perfect gesture. A perfect score. And many more.

However, why is it not possible to define A Perfect Tear? A perfect hurt? Maybe, a perfect agony? Why is the word perfect not able to define a lost love, something like, A Perfect Betrayal? No it does not. Because conventionlism overshadows innovation. The convention lies in the fact that perfect is akin absolute. The best, or perhaps the greatest. maybe that is why, there cannot be a "best" tear, the "absolute" agony, or the "greatest" lost love! Perfection bears synonimity with idealism. However, even a fraction of truth does not prevail here.

If asked to me, I would define Perfect by another word: Illusion. It isnt the positiveness, but anything, that claims to be perfect. Yes, it is illusion. Someone would surely counter me by saying, "What nonsense, I know of someone, who scored a "Perfect" hundred in their exam! Isnt  that perfect?" I would humbly submit a no to them. Did he score a "perfect" hundred in all his subjects? If yes, did he score a "Perfect" hundred in all his subjects and the same in all his terms? If yes, did he do the same throughout his Senior Secondary school? If yes, then please tell me did he do it in every single exam he faced since he entered his school, till he completed his post graduation? I wonder.

Calling anything, anyone perfect is disgrace to humanity. If they are perfect, they don't qualify as a homo sapien. If they do, then you don't qualify as a homo sapien! Nothing in this world is perfect. The day, an emotion, a success, a word, a belief, a practice achieves perfection, we can be sure about the dissolution of mere existence of everything. Everything before that would crave for being perfect. Everything would claim to be "more perfect". The basic human nature would not let us rest at homes, thinking of something that is achievable but not yet achieved. The world, then would surely crumble under its own weight.

Ok, why am I writing this? The truth is that I have been seeking it i.e Perfection. I desire it badly. Perfection in attire, impeccable success, an ocean of knowledge, and love beyond the greatest lovers; Everything incites me   to achieve the best. I crave to see the best light, the best form, and this quest for the best leads to me moments like this. I am trapped in my own web, struggling to weave through a way that helps me untangle myself from this absurdity. A very common proverb goes as, "You feed the tiger some blood, you would be its meal one day." Maybe not falling "perfectly" in place, this proverb, however entails the common behaviour of the common man. You let him taste success, and he can kill for more. He can cheat for more, he can lie to the loved ones, he can hurt the closest. I don't look at myself as a person to the likes of above genres. I have tasted success, a bit of it. I have been at the top of the totem pole of a unimaginable success. However, you cant stand at the top for long. The high is always temporary. Alcohol or success are the same. You cant enjoy swinging at the top for long. So, I came down generously to my personality, and began looking for another high. However this time, I do not want anything except myself to improve. To achieve what I want to become. 

I want to get to the top of my satisfaction once again. I wish to look in the mirror and call myself perfect, even though I know that for anyone who desires this, their world would come crumbling down under the weight of their own desires.


Lady Whispers said...

Wow I am sooo in awe dear :)
I absolutely loved your write and the reason being you mirrors the thoughts I have off late :)

You should write so often :) You send me in a magical world when I read you :)

And no one can be perfect or else they would be nothing left to achieve and then life hold no meaning....but yes one need to reach level of perfect satisfaction when they see themselves in the mirror...fall in love with themselves ..I seek that nowadays...and I am glad you too do that sweetheart :)

btw its nabz ...changed blogs and went bit anonymous for the world ;-)

Nik said...

Thank you nabs :)

Nimue said...

Perfect is not illusion but more of a momentary perception. some words , some feelings , some people - they are best for that very moment. And thats why it becomes a perfect moment or action or company :)

I see perfection as the state when at that moment , i think of nothing else or desire no one other than people and things involved at that moment. Like while reading this, I could perfectly imagine the scenarios and your logic !

also, I repeat : you sure need to redefine your search ! As I often say , only answerable questions find answers . Rest of them are answered with more questions.

One more thing i liked in this post. When you say no one is perfect. I always remember a comment i read once. it said - We should not call Sachin god coz then we are not accpeting that a human can be as good as him. In a way i relate to it for inspiration. humans can be as good as they strive for. not perfect maybe but we can sure set our limits as per our abilities !

Good to see you post. As nabs said , write more often :)

Nik said...

Oh yes, completely agree with you. And yes, I would try to pen down more.

Tweety said...

I completely agree with Prats here...

Perfection when for that moment you want nothing else but that...If perfection makes you strive towards your goal....then may be craving for it is good...

When someone says that they are Perfectionist, doesn't mean they are you yourself one can be perfect...if they are then they are not homo sapiens. but I see perfection as to something i give my mind body and that way you have achieved that level of satisfaction and that level of perfection...

If perfection is an illusion then no one perceives an illusion in a same way..similarly something that is perfect to me...might be imperfect for someone else...

To want to attain perfection is not wrong...But to believe you have attained it is wrong...perfection should always be the source of motivation to go that extra mile to make something better for yourself..

In the same way i see perfection as...I find this post to have attained perfection...But i know you won't think so.. :) :)

Hope you would write more...