Monday, July 23, 2012

Being The Less Favourite

I really have no idea how to put this across. I don't even know whether writing this would be right or wrong. All I know is, its hard to keep it in. I had to vent it out. So here I go.

Sometimes you end up questioning yourself, where did you go wrong? Why is it that the people around you; mind it the same people whom you love from the bottom of your heart, subject you to griefs which seem humanly impossible to get dissolved? Why, in this whole world, you feel targeted? Not that you are the only son, or the only one, yet you feel the elbow of disgrace, poking you in the gut, and asking you to step out, become the odd one out. And you do that, because the moment you retort, you are seen as an insensitive and ill mannered human, who doesn't respect the "pragmatic" views of elders. So, you remain mum, and bear the  shelling of the circumstances. And this is repeated over and over again. You are asked questions, doubts are raised,  there is interference in your dialogues and you are forcibly cornered. 

All this when a person of a less age, less qualification, less prominence and less awareness is loved more by the same people. Its like, in a college, when the super seniors  lash out at the seniors in front of their immediate juniors. You are the one who is doubted. And its painful. 

But still, you live and breathe. Because, "Subah hoti ha, aur sham hot hai, zindagi mere dost yahi tamam hoti hai.."


Naddy said...

Interesting article and very nice

Subah hoti ha, aur sham hot hai, zindagi mere dost yahi tamam hoti hai..

Lady Whispers said...

Well...been through those phases....but trust me...they go....

All depends on how much u can live upto ur dreams...once you do...the same ppl become more proud of you...

Part of learnings...growing up....but at end it all shapes well....just hold on :)

Ash said...

i love the quote at the end ... :) i guess all this is a part of growing up, of moving through life and taking things as they come!

Do stop by my blog sometime :)