Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alpha-209: A Changed Life.(Part I)

"Niiikk!" and i know im being called with this peculiar style of calling my already murdered full name! But i like it, my NEW name. "Did u sleep last night?"
Every one reading this would have thought what a weird question..every one, except the people around me. "Haan soya tha yaar, 2 ghante soya tha..(Ya i slept, for 2 hours)."

"Anyone in for CS? Just for half an hour, then we'll study"As the clock strikes 3 in the night(in the morning actually), u have r3g00(pronounced as REGO, the kingpin of the game CounterStrike among us) with his goan lower swinging all about the air, storming in your room with this proposal of playing CS. "Ya sure, make the server." Thats the common and the most probable reply of any soul sleeping, or talking on the phone, or walking, or doing any thing around.

"Oye proxy maar diyo..." ("Do a proxy for me") And i leave the class. Walking at my ease according to my own style i cross the library gate. Library...hmm....I used to pay homage here!
Its been around 11 months now that i stepped in this place the University created for her so "loved and stduious" students! As these thoughts fade away from my mind in a just a second, i too move away and reach the inclined grasses. On my right are people like me, in groups, who have arranged for their attendance in their respective classes, and are trying hard to kill the time with the help of the CREATIVE ideas their grey matter suggests them every second. The ideas, which are a common sight on the pavements of the University.
Like, for example, the most common statements include, "Chal nescafe chal rahe hain" or "PMC pe baith te hain". No one can account for the blessings that soul gets on an hourly basis, who came up with the idea of opening a Nescafe outlet in the University campus.
And on my left is a half sunshine covered grass. My mind starts usual on a simple decision as to whether i should sit here or not. And as usual, its the toughest job for me-decision making.

That done i slowly embrace the sun rays, which started to touch me on my shoulders, and now have engulfed the full me. And here i am, sitting, 'not in a group', at the inclined grasses.
All alone, i take out a page from the register and start writing...actually penning down. Penning down what?

Even I don't know.

And then its 5:30 pm. Its time . To leave for my second home. My hostel. With a tired feel, i get up and walk towards it, with my pelvic joint suddenly making me realise that i had walked enough today. But still, i go on. And again, not in a group. 800mtrs is what i have to cover to reach the hostel gate. Not a small distance, atleast for someone like me. But still, i go on. 10minutes passed away in a jiffy, without even letting me realise them!
I reach the hostel gate.


"Niiikk!" I try to get distracted by the call but it seems my mind doesn't accept it. And ignoring it ruthlessly, I reach the building. "Niiiiiiiikkkkkk!!!!!" .. This time it was stronger and a bit more effort on my brain to attend the call......but not enough to attend it.
The eruption takes a severe violent form inside me but my face is as unreadable as always, fooling the unaware world outside....