Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Bit of Life

Multiple Personality Disorder: A relatively rare dissociative disorder in which the usual integrity of the personality breaks down and two or more independent personalities emerge.
I read this statement in one of the Saturday supplements of a newspaper. It is of high probability that the psychology students might have begun contriving a plan to hang me as this definition might not be the exact textbook definition, but for the layman I think it is enough to convey the essentialities.
On reading the above definition, my neural highways suddenly experienced thronging traffic of millions of ideas and thoughts. I read the whole story about that person suffering from such a disease, and felt how  it would be for someone to recognise his own self in such a mode; several definitions of his identity, enormously confusing conclusions about his own personality and the dejection from his lost soul. I wondered if I would ever meet someone suffering from such a disorder, wishing that no one should actually suffer from this.
And then I realised that I have seen it. I see it daily. There is someone, or rather something I know really well, which suffers from this disorder in its grimmest forms. It is all around me every single moment. It is very famously known as Life.
For those minds which are already lost in a kaleidoscope of conclusions and confusions as to what am I blabbering, I would like to impress upon the fact that if seen clearly, Life suffers from MPD. Remember the time, when we are left abandoned with a very common sentiment nowadays: “WTF!?”  Just because a friend whom we expected, and were completely devoid of any fragment of doubt, to say a proxy attendance for us, did not do it even though we got caught thrice saying his proxy a day before!?? Or probably, when that very same friend comes to us the very next day and asks us to cover up for him for his wrongdoing in front of college authorities! “A DOUBLE WTF!!” Such situations, though trivial in nature, lead us to frequently question ourselves:
“How can people change in such a trice?”
“Am I expecting too much from everyone?”  
or of the likes
“Is there ANYONE, anyone at all, whom I can call a genuine soul?”.

Or probably, the worst case scenario leads us to the distressing conclusions,

“Maybe I am made to feel this. Maybe I deserve this. Maybe, I am made to undergo this strife.”

Lost in this dubiousness, we never realise one thing. It is not me. Or you. Or him. Or anyone. It is life which is suffering from MPD. One moment it is gleeful, the next it leaves you appalled. One moment you love someone, and a morning later you realise you are finding reasons to hate him/her. One day you feel successful, the next you are lost in self doubts. One moment life seems perfect, the next it feels as it was the worst thing that happened to you ever! It changes its face in a New York minute! If you imagine life as a person, you would never want to imagine the trauma he/she would face by the frequency of multiple changing personalities it undergoes!
 On a larger picture, the best example could be love. For those who were once very seriously in love, or rather thought that, and have come a long way since they lost it, there must have been a morning when once they would have woken up and thought:
“Shit. I am not thinking about her!!??!@#!?” :)
Or something like..
 “Wow, it’s been 3 weeks, I didn’t even think about talking to him!”... :)
...and you suddenly realise how much has changed. An example of a slow transformation of lifes  MPD.
All of a sudden, life seems to have turned into something you could have never imagined sometime back when you were shattered into pieces. Confidence rules.
 Life seems blissful.
 The moment you get out of bed, and look at the mirror, you realise how beautiful it used to be, with a face besides you in the mirror, which is missing now.  
Life seems bleak.
Once again, Life undergoes a makeover in a jiffy. Such prolonged and swift changes in its personality...doesn’t it seem too much to take for a young human brain and heart? Yes It does. And it is. It is this superb frequency of change that we experience in our lives, which is responsible for our instant happiness or instant gloom. These are the alterations which are responsible for us to classify random people to friends, from friends to more than friends, from more than friends to beloved and so on...and yes, in the reverse order too. These are the changes which are responsible for most of our shocks, disappointments, dismays etc. I personally for the same reason hate such changes.
But I guess what I learnt from the past and would like to share with all of you is that these are changes. They cannot be stalled. Our lives are diseased with MPD. I wish there was some cure to this disease, but alas, there is none. Time loves to tickle us. Sometimes also bruise us. And we react incessantly to it. The key is not to.
It is just that life changes. With time, the bruises heal up, the jokes die, the sadness conforms to elation, and the elations mellow down. At the end when you reflect back on the life one fine morning sitting in your chair in the balcony sipping on the coffee, you realise it was nothing but the diseased life. It was just MPD of Life. It was just the change. It was just that time played with us. Tickled us. Sometimes for short intervals, sometimes for years and left us with changes, which sometimes were responsible for smiles, sometimes tears. But its just time. So its better for the youth experiencing gruelling changes and ups and downs in their life, to understand that its just a matter of time. Things shall pass. It is not worth getting upset, wasting time drowned in agony and pain.
Because when you would be sitting in that balcony at the end of your journey, you would for sure know that life goes on...and it goes on...........changing.


Tweety said...

You have said everything so i wont go into details of it...but yes life is not perfect...but one must learn to live this imperfection to its fullest...

Hahha a very different view towards MPD :) :)

and coming from u...its a huge change and i Loved it :D

godbless..hpe u keep this attitude

Prats said...

even though i really m happy you wrote something.. n more so coz this is a really new thought n u put it perfectly.. but plzz, stop being so sad !!! write smthing cheerful next time.. atleast try :)

mysterious gal said...

I somehow agree a lot to u ! Have seen life changing in seconds...i still see life around few months back and then i see what transpired in my past 2 months and i m WTF this happened to me. how can ppl around just change and make me feel most hated.....i hope life doesn't stop here and changes again as i BADLY want it !

Sigh thoughts come to me reading it !
and life= MPH is a interesting thought!
Loved it :)
Keep writing :)