Monday, March 15, 2010

The Moment (Part IV)

Hi people…(a sheepish peek-a-boo……..).

Umm..I really don’t want to start this one with a “sorry” but I guess that would be the only appropriate step to take. (To avoid myself getting cornered and getting a black eye.. :P )

It felt really great to read those comments all over again on the previous part of this series i.e. The Moment-Part III. It felt like blowing off dust from the cover of the “memory book” before flipping through its pages.  Also the reviews on The Moment-Part I and Part-II were highly encouraging.

So to all those who commented, to those who didn’t and just read it and to all those calls immediately after reading the 3rd part blasting in my ears saying, “What the heck do you think of yourself! How can you just NOT continue this!!!”; I say a biiiiggggg SORRY  for not moving further with this one. I would not give any excuses, just the fact that somehow, it just didn’t happen.

Anyway, without further delay, the last part of the journey continues here……………………………


With the sky opening up smoothly, the cloudy agglomerations dissolving in themselves, similar to the transcendental gates to the heaven opening up for a hearty welcome of the Lords and the Angels, he felt as if the space time continuum had been broken. Time decelerated. The colossal blend of voices and noises around him weighted a ton, fused together to form a kind of boggy mass of waste sounds, stretched, lowered on their intensity and took light years to reach him. Silence had dawned upon the place. The only sound interrupting the entire muteness of the situation was the sound of the footsteps. Her footsteps. Easily recognized, and the perfect ingredient for turning his stomach knotty and upside down. But this is how he had planned it. So yes, It.Was.Happening.

Clasping his palms together, gathering all the possible strength from each and every part of his already trembling heart, he moved a few steps to his left and leaned to get a quick view of her but pulled himself back the next second when the excitement gripped him strong. Finally something was going to be really awesome in his usual daily humdrums. Unsure of whether to force his hands inside his jeans pocket to vent out his unnerving exhilaration, or to let the cool breeze embrace him, reminding him of the turn on the road where he used to embrace her years ago. Like the wind and him, they used to hug like they are meant to be like that forever, till the end of time. He decided to let loose. He took a deep breath combining his happiness, joy, nervousness and homogeneity of excited feelings, he looked down, closed his eyes. Somehow he knew it. She was there.

Sighing heavily, he looked up. As beautiful as ever, adorning his life as ever, clad in a sparkling white suite and her coat fluttering in the wind, as if expressing the mutual feeling of joy shared by her heart, she looked at him with the perfect expressions. Her hair was flowing like a river midway down a snow capped mountain, fresh from the melted glacier of her spic beauty. The sparkle of her glowing pure white suit seemed to be faded in front of what the brightness of her expressions had to offer. There could be just one word to define it: Flabbergasted! Going weak in her knees, she almost fell on the friend besides her. She clutched her friend’s arm, strong enough to dig her nails deep into it, and the other was pressed hard upon her mouth in amazement. It actually took a minute for the reality to sink in her. Standing few feet away and staring at him was tougher for her than lifting Everest with her pinky at that moment! Teary eyed, totally unconcerned about everything and everyone around, she ran towards him and hugged really tight. Their bodies touched each other, so close and so intense that everything felt like out of a boundary, as if they got a marker that selected them around their bodies so as to exclude them from the rest of the world. His fingers were lost in her hair like himself for the past so much time without her and his arms around her were almost of the strength of banyan roots. None around them, her doctor colleagues, her college, the admin block, the residents...none seem to matter!! The Moment had arrived! He held as if to never let go, never ever. Love had met! The moment they exchanged glances few years back, they knew it. It wasn’t just going out. It wasn’t just mere dating. It was something else. It was love. It is Love! And it was in their eyes. He felt as a sailor on a voyage in the ocean of her eyes, a voyage that led to her heart. The soil under their feet dug in. They hugged like they loved. Intensely and purely. A mark had been made in the ground and on their lives. There was so much more happening than just meeting again. It was like breathing again. Living again.

Holding her hand, he stepped back a bit. It was unbelievable. They were right in front of each other after a long time! After conversing with her friends for some time, both of them stood up. The hidden giggle finally came out of her presently vibrant and flamboyant soul. She could not stop kissing him on his cheeks and hugging him! The incessantness of the act was a proof of how unbelievably beautiful and glorious her heart felt at that moment! He, on the other hand could feel her resisting as hard as she could to get her legs stopped from trembling because of the surprise! He kept his hand on her knee, and she calmed down. They exchanged a hug, and sat inside an autorickshaw. They were finally together. Leaving the aroma of their togetherness, the feel of their kisses and the strength of their love in the air, they left to spend the 4 best days of their lives…unsure about when, and most importantly whether, they will meet again or not.

Everything seemed to be like a painting made by the Big man above. A painting made by the Love Brush with profuse amounts of the colors of Jubilance, Happiness, Triumph, Romance, Mushiness and a prominence of Perfectness, all smeared together on the canvas to create an amazing blend of unforgettable moments. 


ANUSHA said...
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ANUSHA said...

u r an amazing writer. i know i've said it many times but this time trust me i m not kidding. i cud actually feel myself present there witnessing all of it. the way u described the scene is very fascinating.
hats off!!!!
loved it TOTALLY :)

Nik said...

Thanks a lot for the appreciation. I wasnt expecting such an overwhelming response for this.

Thanks a lot. You have swept me off my feet. :P :)

mysterious gal said...

you said you can't write? u sure?
This was one of the most finest piece i have ever read trust me...u wrote it like a professional writer....and i was wondering y has this stupid frnd of mine stopped was truly mind-blowing.....i could literally feel it with u

Amazing :) and now better not tell me i can't write ...because u truly a amazing writer :)

Nik said...

Yeah! Y not! that was too much for me...

After writing it i felt that i had written something less, something was remaining.....dunno why....

Anyway, thanks for such beautiful words... though I still consider myself way away from what I am capable of doing! :)
Thanks a lot sweetheart.. :)

Prachi said...

Oh great!
Finally the climax!
And I am glad it had such a beautiful ending to it!
For some reason, I expected something untoward to happen,call it the bollywood effect...
Amazing piece of writing!

Nik said...


Thnx a lot :) though i really dont rmmbr you reading this before. sry ! :( ...i know i cn chek it, but i feel too lazy now... :P

But really appreciate tht you commented. Will drop in at your blog soon!! Thnx a lot.