Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Wish Game

The words are lost, as they seem,
I feel nothing but jeopardy,
Meandering paths through my scattered thoughts,
I try and try,
To pick my wish that is lost.

Confusion construes abatement of sanity,
This world seems to have just zombies and profanity!

So I yell.

“Listen! All the worlds just listen to me!
I do not seek success, my desire is peace!
I want to be born again, just wish it’s on Saturn!
Humans don’t fancy me anymore,
Humanity has become their private slattern!”

And I keep running on the Wish Path,
To step on what is mine, but alas!
With every step the ground beneath dissolves,
“Not this one, not even this...” they say
And I keep running to save my fall.....

My wish is lost once more,
And so am I in the confusion,
The confusion of what I want,
And what I should have chosen.

Sitting besides this window,
The fear fills my heart,
Time doesn’t wait,
Even for itself to depart!

Still I keep thinking,
How to keep winning,
In profession, love, friendship and family,
How to keep myself spinning.

Time wades across life,
It would reach the other end with pain,
I wish to find my wish by then,
And I really wish not to wish again.

PS: No REAL TIME scenario! :P


Nabila said...

I felt like i am reading my mind and emotions.
It might be not a real life scenario for u but it seemed like mine.

Beautifully written...loved the poem :)

Nabila said...
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Tweety said...

I told u I loved the last line....

Its great...thank god u posted...:) :)

god bless u...

n for god sake...keep writing...stop under estimating urself...