Monday, July 25, 2011


I turned over the leaf of my calender about 25 mins back. And with that I ended 24 complete hours. I ended, thousands of seconds that I let pass by, idling on the couch or sprawling on the bed. And all of this, suddenly has begun to pinch. Confined by the daily worries, we hardly seem to pay attention to the time we simply waste. For instance, being a readomaniac, my passion for books never died. However, these days I hardly throw a glance at the best releases around me. Actually, I hardly know any! And flipping over the calender leaf, I wonder. Why is that I dont have the slightest idea of the major releases? What is it that is preventing my to explore, to open up? To get out and reach for the skies?

The resonance of unavailability of time is deafening. And I want to learn. I want to read. I want to listen to music. There's so much of what I want. With every new calender leaf, a new haste begins. Towards terminating the haste with which life slams itself on my face.


Scribbling Gal said...

Been ages I have read books myself...and watch movies back to back....and lot of things....and time is slipping by and I also wonder where it go....guess thats how life is...we never realize when its past our hands....thats y its said live for the moments...not the past or the future :)

Nice to see u writing again :) do it often :)

Nik said...

@nabs yes i know. Its very pinching that I dont write. Because I dont have time.!